Looking back is easy to do.  You know what happened – maybe not the why or how, but your mind can make those things up to your satisfaction.  It’s only when you realize that you might have not had the right angle on things that you start to worry.

Take the shooting in the Colorado movie theater – where ironically people went to watch horrible violence they could never fathom and they ended up being thrown into real violence with blazing gunfire. bloody wounds and choking on tear gas.  That audience was able to see first-hand what automatic weapons can do to a person’s body – they experienced the terror none of us wants to face.  We don’t mind depictions of violence, but the real thing makes us run and be afraid.

What led this man to do this act?  Was it the previous movie’s lines on creating chaos that appealed to him?  In that movie, Batman was not effective against the kind of criminal who would just commit violence for violence’s sake.  There is no motive except for the very act of doing it.  How do you fight that?  We still don’t know why this man planned and executed an attack on an audience he never met.  When he fired into the fleeing crowds – what was he seeing?  Was he feeling powerful or nothing at all- like we do when we watch the A-team blow up a warehouse?

We’ll have to wait to see.  And even then, it might not make any more sense.