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Photo: Scott Washburn and ABC News (All photos remain property of their owners)

So you’re up hiking on a 14,000 foot mountain with your dog.  Your dog falls and is hurt.  You leave her on the mountain – go home, call some people about going to get her.  You’re told she’s a dog and no rescue is available for non-humans.  So, you just shrug your shoulders and kick back with a beer???

The owner was charged with animal cruelty after another pair of hikers found the dog while hiking and then went home and arranged for people to rescue her.  They provided GPS locations and a photo taken of the dog – a group of climbers formed a party of eight and went to get the dog.  Her paws were bloody and she couldn’t walk – so they carried her down in a custom backpack – they hit snow upon the trip down, but made it down the mountain with the dog.

Oddly enough, the owner saw the story and wanted to thank the people but he also wanted to pick up his dog – Nope.  He shouldn’t have her and I guess the argument is on now as the people who found her want her badly.

I am so glad the dog is all right – she’s been taken to the vet and is being held until all this is sorted out.  But I don’t think the original owner should get her back.  He left her without food and water stuck in a ravine  – for days.

Kudos to the climbers and the couple who alerted the public to the dog’s plight.  I know it’s just one dog in a world of dogs that need help, but thanks to all for saving her.