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Yes, writers all over the world are writing their novels this month – publishing hundreds and thousands of words.  I have decided just to get myself to put some words down – and get in the habit of doing it.  So it’s not official, but merely an exercise in making myself do something.

A good guide was a list I found on my art group – a photo challenge for November – a photo a day from the list.  November 1 was a self-portrait.  No problem, I thought.  I’ve been practicing in Photo-shop and I can use an earlier photo of myself when I didn’t have any wrinkles or warts or moles – then I could use the colors I love to paint in some wonderful flowing hair – or just make it black and white so I could fill in the lost spaces…ummm. 

It wasn’t really being a self-portrait.  In a way, it was, but I decided reality might be better.  I mean, I’ve been using a “good” photo of myself for any profile photo I needed.  I mean, I love to think I look like Buffy Saint-Marie.  Of course, doesn’t everyone?  This is my face.  I like it.  It’s had some work done – work being skin cancer blobs being taken off and some nitrogen spray hitting some precancerous spots – ouch!!  So maybe it’s about time I start using my face as my face and not hide behind some Photo-shop Image that has been worked with every filter known to man and woman (and child).  So here it is.  Just me.