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artjournal13In Progress – New Art Journal 2013

I don’t think 2012 was a very productive year for me.  It became an inner examination and regrouping year and ended up a starting platform.  It became the year when my denial blinders were rudely pulled off – both personally and publicly.  I’ve done some good work with several of my obstacles.

The causes that I had taken part in seemed subdued and barely functioning. Even my volunteer work seemed feeble at best.  I still donated, but withdrew from discussion and debate.  It seemed as if I was “preaching to the choir” or talking to people who did not listen or care.  For a positive jolt, I went to Kickstarter and helped someone else start their magic-super-hero-cape making business.  Positive vibes are coming back to me.

Early in the year, my art went toward a creative cliff with no signs of veering away at the last-minute – so I let it.  I had three of four break-through paintings and drawings, but most of the time, I could not get started. I bought materials and stared at them.  I’ve started a come-back, especially with a new set of markers (A SET!!) my sister gave me for Xmas.  I started my 2013 art journal today.  (see above)

Beading has stopped – the spark that fueled the energy was smothered out by a rise in raw materials – and a drop in quality in the middle-price market.  I have bowls of finished necklaces sitting around the house.  I wear a different one every day, so they are getting a good use – but this little voice says, “You want to make another one?  What about all these?  Where are you going to put it?”  (The bad muse)  So, I’ve been thinking – what else could I do with them?  I’ve listed some ideas (gourd decoration and hanging spirit cords), so things are looking up in the bead department (my downstairs workshop).  I did pull out a bowl of beads yesterday just to think about more creations – who cares if I need them or not?

I started going to the gym in April of this year – and since I’ve been going, I’ve dropped (ha, wish it was that easy) 23 pounds with an overall 37 pound loss since moving to Georgia.  I was sick in December, but plan to get back to the treadmill this week.  I can’t breathe well when colder weather starts, but my meds have started to kick in and I feel better.  I am cooking meals for myself even if M doesn’t want to eat. I’ve discovered the chipolte sauce is good on brussel sprouts and that 1 cup of pasta is more than enough on my plate.  I still have long-range goals on the health scene, but I am on my way.  It’s not so much of a denial eating pattern, but more of a choice to have real foods.

I had some great times this year with my nieces and nephews – some by long-distance, but, I want them to know that I am thinking about them.  M and I hosted one visit:  a rocket-launch, remote-control airplane demo, tractor rides, art lessons and general all around singing and enjoying the outside event with a niece and nephew and it was a blast.  I forgot how much fun running to the house to get carrots for the horses can be – if you skip and sing at the top of your voice.  Recipe for fun?  Look through the eyes of a three-year-old.

Let’s hope the art uptick keeps on its path to the sun.  Speaking of the sun, where the heck is it?  For being the South, this is cooler weather than I like.