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As you can see my journal page has taken another turn.  I started experimenting after my first pass at using markers to create a scene.  I liked the two trees idea I had, so I made them bright and bold – but then my urge to continue started nagging at me.  I brought out some oil pastels I never use – well, I’ve never used them with any skill – but I thought, hey – why not – so I added to the highlights of the pinks and oranges.  I made shadows of varying shades around the outside.  It was fun working with all the colors and the textures popped.  I left alone for a day.

Then I thought it would be cool to add my signature dots around the tree trunks and body.  I brought my Sharpie pens downstairs to work in the bead room as it was a warmer room – and I do admit, my mind was elsewhere – so I started stippling – and promptly wasted a Sharpie pens – duh, the marker will not show over oil pastels no matter how much you want them to.    I wanted them to – so I kept trying.  Well, needless to say, it was a bomb.  Now I had all these little half dots of black in the color parts – so bam!  I immediately jump to – hey, oil pastels had to show -after all, the last coat was oil pastels.  My outlining was a disaster – the oil stick was too thick for the effect I wanted and the harder I tried to even it out – the more chunky it got and flaky – not the line I was looking for.  So I finished it up with the black pastel – scraping some off and adding more to bring the line out.  Then I brought out my ChartPak markers and finish the dot idea, but the pens are very thick, even when I put them on the side angle – so now I am stopping right here and now.

I might come back to it as the trees look so lonely – but maybe it will stay this way.  It’s what I like – I can always change it or cut it up and use parts of it on homemade cards.