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I ordered some clay faces from Etsy last week – I had this idea for a canvas painting that contained a clay face – BUT, I am not very good at sculpture.  I found a great shop, Earthshards.  The artist, Lyn Belisle, owns the shop.  It was hard to choose from them all, but I selected some.

The package came today – and I was so excited.  The presentation of my ordered items was so special that it ended up making a lousy gray disappointing day into a special event.  I love getting mail – but when I see the envelope decorated with a raven AND a dancing woman – I know it’s going to be special.

I opened the envelope and found two brown tissue packages wrapped in pink ribbon – with a sprig of rosemary slipped into one of the knots.  Lyn’s two business cards also were included – they are works of art themselves.  I unwrapped the packages and the clay faces were individually wrapped in bubble foam.  I love them.  I spent some time sketching them into my idea for my canvas.

How wonderful it is when an artist loves what they do to the extent of making the packaging memorable and enjoyable.  And the faces!  Go see them and dream of what you can do with them.

No, I am not getting anything for this – I was having a pretty difficult day when this package arrived and it changed my day all around.  I am thankful for the small things that mean a BIG DEAL to me.  Thank you, Lyn!

Then I was enlisted to help pull wires through our living room wall to the basement.  My canvas plans are still in my head, but what a start I have!

face2 face1What a gift!