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The wind howled

It blew a large round tumbleweed across the road

And it came right at my car.

There was no time to stop and I hit it.

It exploded and tiny branches went everywhere

It disappeared and broke into pieces

I imagined my grief as that tumbleweed

Rolling around in my life during the year

Then the holidays come

Bringing the day you died full circle again

Somehow that tumbleweed puts itself together

Year after year

And once again I know it’s coming full force

Some years I tried to sneak around it

Other years I tried to ignore it tumbling toward me

At a high rate of speed

This year I met it head on

Exploding it into tiny pieces

I think some branches dropped by the wayside

Maybe it won’t be so big next year

Next year, I promise myself

Maybe it won’t be so big.

In Memory of my son, Joe.