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You’re getting the hang of it now

The world is really a cool place

There are so many things to explore

The feeling of ice in your mouth

How dirt feels in your hand and on your foot

Eating spaghetti without a fork is fun

Boxes are drums or hiding places

Being in water in the summer is just plain fun

And people forgive you if you splash them

Because you are just so darn cute playing in the water

You can see the toilet, but don’t know what it’s used for yet

Someone always dresses you in clean nice-smelling clothes

And when they become not-so sweet, they take care of it pretty darn quick.

Sleeping can be done at anytime, anywhere and then you’re ready to go again

Laughing tickles your belly

Hiccups amuse other people more than you.

Shoes are amazing things.  One day you will know how to work them.

Screaming can make people come running

Crying can make people come running

Grabbing glass objects off the coffee table can make people come running

Reaching for anything left unattended can make people come running

You learn what a camera is within the first three months

Any of the above “people come running” activities

Also applies to having dad grab the camera.

People gibbering baby talk at you is amusing for 2 minutes

Being alone with your toys is golden time

Hugs make you feel good in your tummy

And Mom and Dad are always around to give you hugs and make you feel good

Yes, life is good when you are 1

Can’t wait for when you are 2, can you?