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While tourists bought silver Indian jewelry

– People drove drunk on Coors Blvd.

– The setting sun painted the Sandias red and orange

– Hot air balloons floated on the air currents

You were there on the mesa

Your deaths forgotten

Your secrets were hidden

About why you died

And how you died

You might have wept

You might have begged

You might have been angry

You might have been dead

Before you got there

Up on the mesa

While I went grocery shopping

– Visited the library

– Pumped my gas at Costco

– Painted on a blank canvas

– Strung beads

– Laughed on the phone

You were there on the mesa

In the midst of so much beauty

It’s easy to forget

Those souls with hardened hearts

Kill other people

And bury them in the dark

Hiding their secrets and their deeds

Up on the mesa


In Memory ofJamie Barela, 15, Monica Candelaria, 22, Victoria Chavez, 26, Virginia Cloven, 24, Syllania Edwards, 15, Cinnamon Elks, 32, Doreen Marquez, 24, Julie Nieto, 24, Veronica Romero, 28, Evelyn Salazar, 27 and Michelle Valdez, 22 (Per Wikipedia)