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Secret #1

I got tired of packing my art to move, so I drove it to a city park and put all the paintings up in the trees – free for anyone to take.


On my first night of babysitting for my brother and sister, my brother shot his BB gun into the ceiling.  I filled the hole with Colgate toothpaste and smoothed it over.  We never told anyone we did that.  Bet it’s still there.


As a kid, I never felt right about telling my sins to a priest for forgiveness in the confessional, so I always elaborated my sins to be more interesting.  Was that wrong?


In 6th grade, I never owned up to the fact that I was the one who locked Jimmy Gold three stories up outside the school building. He dared someone to go out on the ledge and when no one would do it, he went out the window on the ledge. I locked the window trapping him out on the ledge.  Mother Joseph was very angry, but no one told.  Phew!


I saw a flying saucer while lying in the grass one summer night with my friends.  It was a shared hallucination or it was real.


In the early 60s, I read all my uncle’s hidden detective novels when I watched his kids.  I put them back where I found them.  I eventually read them all.


I paid the toll booth fee for a couple in the car behind me last time I was in Baltimore.


As a kid, I used to put out cheese on the baby jumper tray in my room at night to watch the mice come out and eat it.


I used to sneak out and give treats to my Dad’s hunting dogs after he told me not to – He said they were hunting dogs, not pets, but they liked me a lot.


I used to sneak into a friend’s parents’ library and sit in their big leather chairs and read quietly.  I’d pretend it was my own private library. I entered and left through a side garden door.  I never was caught.