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My eyes were watery all the way from Walmart.

I finally got to cry in my driveway.

A man in a flannel shirt was standing outside of Walmart with a jar in his hand

The jar had a picture of a pretty teenage girl taped to outside.

I did my shopping and I knew he’d be there as I went out.

Our eyes met as I walked out the door

He asked me to help him and his family

Bring his sister home.

She died in Colorado in an auto accident.

She was there getting ready to go to school.

The family didn’t have the money they needed to get her home and buried.

He looked so lost.

I dug in my pocket and gave him all the cash I had on me at the time.

It was only about $7.

He was so grateful for that small amount.

I told him that my son died in an auto accident also.

I wished him and his family healing.

He thanked me and wished me a blessing

I didn’t want to say it takes a long time – and it’s never really healed all the way.

He had more than his share to worry about.