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I went back today.

I’ve been away a month.

I told myself the pollen was making my asthma worse

I told myself that my knee ached

Or that I just wanted my mornings back

I wanted coffee on the deck

With my latest Kindle book on the screen

The weather was so nice

But I couldn’t trick myself anymore

I had to go back to the treadmill

At the gym

At the gym

Where all the people are toned and muscled.

Women in their tight little shorts and scoop-necked workout shirts

Are prancing on the treadmills

Swinging their blond ponytails

To some beat I cannot hear

The young men are pulling themselves off the floor

Or lifting giant weights off the stand.

While I trudge my big body on a treadmill

At a lumbering slow pace

Because I’d been gone a month

And I’ve got to get used to just MOVING again

I didn’t get back to going a mile in 30 minutes

(My all-time record so far)

But ¾ of a mile will do

For the first day back

After a month away.