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On the news I listened to yet another new member of our club

Your daughter died tonight when someone ran a red light

The reporter talked of the details

Right down to how she was standing when she was hit

And then he went on to the next story

Smiling into the camera

Reciting the copy without knowing the pain

But I felt your pain

I know your shock

I know your disbelief

I know how you are hiding from those news reports

I know how you do not want to face what just happened

Your child you gave birth to

Is gone

Between the heartbeats of a butterfly

Your world has changed

Like mine did in December 1988

You and I are members of that club now

The club no one wants to belong to

The club that claims the parents of children who died

We share the pain

We share the loss

It makes our burden a little lighter

And we find friends in the depths of despair

Our children

Our lives

Are changed forever.