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After I returned to work

Two weeks after your death

People didn’t say anything

More than

“Glad you’re back.” Or

“Good to see you.”


Nothing more

No offers of sympathy

No offers to talk

It seems the bosses

In their wisdom

Told no one to speak

Of your sudden death

“Give her lots of work.

It’d be best for her.”

My first performance review,

Six months after you died,

My boss said they’d like to have

That happy person they hired

Back in the office

I’d only been hired one month before you died

I told him that she didn’t exist


He’d have to settle for me

Existing, but not really there

Decision making difficult

Overextending myself physically

And mentally

Of being overwhelmed

In a world that didn’t

Make sense to me


I finally had to change jobs

My new office welcomed me

With tea and sympathy,

Offers of help,

Consultation on the work I could handle

And after six months

I received a promotion

And a travel account

A new perspective gave me a chance to make my life over without you.