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Telling the stories of our life

Defines us to others

Sharing our sorrows

Helps us move some of our burden

For a short time

To others

And we move forward

A moment at a time

That audience circle gets smaller

As you continue

With the life you have now

Old friends expect you to move ahead

And their eyes glaze over – not wanting to hear the old stories yet again

With new people you meet,

You find yourself not wanting to share.

You don’t want to see their face

As the shock and awe sink in

So you hold your stories in.

Your stories find a way out

You write poetry

Or scribble in an art journal

Or take photographs

Or write a blog

Or read a book

And take solace

That your stories made you who you are

The good times and the bad times

Shaped the person

You are today

And you are here.