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Another Mother’s Day is coming

I think fondly of my holiday presents of the past

A macaroni necklace

A handmade card

A handmade clay sculpture of the Washington Monument

A unicorn coffee cup

A wooden howling coyote statue

A vegetarian restaurant meal surprise

Some new paint brushes

A beaded necklace

A box of candy

A book of movie tickets

A Best Mom coffee cup

A Volkswagen Ghia car model

A Loreena McKennitt CD

A dozen yellow roses

And others I forget, but I must have treasured them

At the time

I treasure them now – grateful for our time together.

Now, I celebrate this day for other mothers

For aunts, grandmothers, sisters and those who take on

The role of counselor, confidante, trickster and healer.

I celebrate my quiet memories

When a story read


Shared laughter

Was a great moment

Spent together as mother and son.