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My mind was on buying

Watercolor computer paper

As I pushed my cart through the aisles

At Fry’s

When I saw a man with two kids

Playing the in-store television video game.

He held his little daughter on his lap

As he gripped the game console

Playing the game with his son.

She caught my eye

Not because she was so cute

In her pink ruffled dress

But the look on her face.

She was in a trance;

She stared at the screen

Her mouth was partially open

She didn’t move.

She looked suspended in time.

I glanced at the video screen

And her father and her brother

Were killing zombies in a gruesome manner

Blood was flying, grunting and screaming was blaring

From the speakers

Limbs were being chopped off

Inhuman monsters filled the screen

With their impending doom.

The girl in the pink dress

Just stared and stared

What was being forced into her psyche?

I wondered

Is she learning that this is something to be celebrated?

That her father and brother are happy

And congratulating each other on the battle well-fought?

It’s family time

With those images in her brain of spattered blood

And the dying screams in her ears.

Poor kid.