winterice 003 winterice 006 winterice 011 winterice 014 winterice 016Georgia weather has been particularly nasty this winter – ice, sleet, SNOW, wind and last week, we had an earthquake.  I know that earthquakes don’t really categorize under weather, but hey – it’s my way of lumping all this together.

Our local television stations have been scaring people into staying home (good point of you don’t know how to drive in snow) and listing items to have on hand for a prolonged stay indoors.  That, during the last storm was two days.  People were going stir-crazy for two days?  Two days.

So, in addition to the regular disaster lists for emergencies, as an artist, I have my list of items never to be without.

1.  Paper

2.  Black Sharpie pens (no puny ballpoint for me)

3.  Bits of scrap decorative papers or old magazines to cut up

4.  Paint samples from Home Depot or Lowes (they make a nice surface for rubber stamps).

5.  Acrylic and watercolor paints and brushes

6.  Gel medium, glue and water (for paints)

7.  Blank canvasses

8.  Wool Roving and Felting Needles

9.  Glue or double-sided tape

10.  Watercolor paper – heavy (can take a beating)

11. Coffee – if you don’t finish it, you can paint with it.

12. Scissors and cutting knife