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I walk past the flower shelves at Trader Joe’s when I go shopping.  I love the look and smell of flowers.  But they are dead – I get about three or four days out of their beauty and then they are gone.  When I was working, the budget allowed for flowers now and then.  The being-retired budget does not.

I don’t have much of green thumb either.  I was hoping that Georgia had some good soil – but we ended up with five acres of nice red clay hidden beneath an inch of some kind of soil. So I do have silk flowers I use to brighten the place up a bit.

Last week, I just couldn’t resist and I bought tulips at Trader Joe’s.  Well, I brought them home and in two days, they were all drooped over vase.  But their petals were still so pretty.  So, I had an idea – I’ll take photos of them.  That will last longer than the petals themselves.  Enjoy!

petals3 petal4 petals1 petals2