Air Force radio engineer – First row, kneeling on the left – Nestor Lopez, my Dad.


Where he grew up – Springer, New Mexico – his home town


Mom and Dad in Springer, New Mexico


Dad’s newspaper portrait for Delaware Trust Company – Vice President who spoke Spanish


Wedding portrait – Janet and Nestor Lopez

Hockessin, Delaware

Happy Father’s Day to an accomplished man:

  • a funny story-teller (took forever to get to the point)
  • hot chili seeker (he’d always say, “This is not hot enough.”)
  • goofy (took down the living room curtains while sleep walking one night and then denied it)
  • a sad birthday story (Dec. 29 – I would get one shoe for Christmas and the other for my birthday) (had to walk 10 miles in the snow well, maybe four blocks as I later found out)
  • chief of burning the trash (he burned my new shoes once as the box was close to burn wastebasket)
  • famous in the community – local bank manager, loan officer, Lions president, Spanish speaker/guidance counselor for local new Mexican workers in the surrounding businesses – he knew everyone and everyone knew him
  • collection basket pusher every Sunday at church – he knew what you gave 🙂
  • liked to fish and hunt – would string up a dead deer in the garage facing my bedroom each year – gee, thanks.

He was gone too soon.  He had a lot more to do and we miss him, our funny, quirky, Spanish-speaking Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!