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bSkerry_RightWhaleCalf Humpback_stellwagen_edit two_whalesI do not own these photos – I found them in a Search for Images.  Owners retain the rights.  You need to see what whales are in the Atlantic Ocean.  In the winter, the coast of Florida is a calving area for newborn whales and their mothers.

Assault on the East Coast

President Obama authorized sonic boom testing on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean from Delaware to Florida this week.  Oil companies are now allowed to produce sonic booms (generated in back of boats) to map the ocean floor for oil exploration on the Atlantic coast.

Sonic booms have been known to disrupt whale and dolphin navigation systems – the booms have actually affected their brains and livers.  The military carried out these tests. We cannot let this go unnoticed.  We pollute the seas and now we are disrupting the very navigational skills that whales and dolphins use to find good and navigate waters for safe places.

The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20500  I’ve written – how about you?