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These photos and eye-witness accounts are difficult to un-see.  Please use caution when viewing.  This link is from the New York Times.

Gaza deaths

Everything Lost

Too tempting to resist

A day at the beach exploring

After being kept indoors by anxious adults

With childhood eagerness, but with a knowledge of danger

always present in his young life, one told his younger brother to stay home.

Running through the sand

sunlight all around,

the cousins laughed.

a distant shack held a promise of adventure

An enemy soldier saw movement at the shack from his high vantage point

He moved the deadly rocket into position, adjusted for the targets and fired

Mohammad, Ismail, Zakariya and Ahed, all under 11 years old, died on the beach

You can see them running in one photo and in another, you see a young boy prone on the beach, his little legs twisted in the sand.

People at the beach ran to them, dragging them away

but all were lost, shrapnel entering their young bodies and ending their lives.

Their relatives screamed and cried.  A nation torn apart recoiled at the horror.

They lost everything for a promise of play at the beach.

In what kind of a world is that okay?