I’m scrolling Facebook headlines
Friends’ posts
Subscription posts
Things Facebook thinks I need to see
(really? – what fucked up algorithm thinks THAT?)
And I keep seeing slices of photos
Photos I’ve seen in the last week
Of the faces of Palestinian children, bloodied, dying and dead
Wrapped shrouds of women, children and men
Then it’s back to Facebook, 30 Things You Should Do for Yourself
Celebrities with Ugly Spouses
Somebody named Emily wears a light feathery summer dress
Without a lot of accessories perfect for a summer day in LA
The House passes a law that forbids the EPA
To mention the words, climate change.
The Environmental Protection Agency
The East Coast is being bombed with underwater sonic booms
To search for oil
Even though it turns whale and dolphin brains to mush
And then
I see the children again.
To the Grumpy Cat
And the photos of People from Walmart
And Miley Cyrus licks something

I pause and draw my breath
My lungs constrict and I feel boxed in

I need a break and a brake.
See you in a bit.