Israel bombs shelter

No place to go – no safe place in Gaza.  They left their homes to seek shelter as told – then the Israelis bomb the one place they thought they’d be safe – a UN school converted into a shelter.

No Safe Place

We packed what we could take in bags

and left our home – one more glance back

took in the stove, the table where we all sat for dinner

the pots our little one played with instead of toys

We arrived at the shelter

a gray place with sturdy walls

We were given  a spot to call our own

we placed our bedding together

and joined hands, grateful that we were together

We watched the little one crawl off to get her blanket

when we heard the sound we never wanted to hear

but we’re safe, my mind screamed as the walls broke apart

and the screams ripped through my heart

My last thoughts were of a bloody blanket

and the word, SAFE.