The house is clean

Ready for sale – it’s listed

ready for showing

I move about the rooms


not wanting to make a mess

thinking about the next phase

of moving yet more things out of my life

this down-sizing – I look at the tidbits of my life

and think who would be interested in that?

I think of people coming in after I die

and tasked with the job of cleaning out my house

shaking their heads

“Why on earth did she buy three sheep skulls?”

She had this great idea of covering them with turquoise and coral chip stones

and adding feathers and leather strips to honor her ancestors

and that idea took over her life for about two weeks – visions kept changing

less stones, more feathers – beads of all colors

and then another artistic vision took its place

and the skulls are wrapped securely in a box.

I packed them in California to take to New Mexico

I packed them in New Mexico to take to Georgia.

I bet those people will toss them in a big dumpster

with not a thought of a vision of what they could become.

And it will all be gone.

maybe I’d better get off my butt and work on some skulls.