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I’ve been cleaning
And if you know me or not
That does not mean I have a bucket
Or a dust cloth in hand

Rooms I’d shut off a long time ago
Like doors that were shut and locked
Because no good became of leaving the door open
At times, I couldn’t find my way out again
And it scared me

I feel braver now
I feel stronger now
Or maybe I’m just old enough
To really believe, “So what, bring it on.”

Dialogue from a show last night kicked open
One of the doors, splintering the frame
Linden was dropping off her son at the airport
He was going back to live with his father
Linden isn’t always the model parent
But she told her son that no matter what happened
He was the best thing she ever did
The script writers tapped into my locked room and stole that
Line from one of my rooms

And it didn’t terrify me – it didn’t send me into the abyss
I was in that room and I could see the open door clearly
And Joe was smiling in that generous gift of a moment
Where we understood each other completely
and love enveloped us.