Silence has always been a friend of mine
After school, I’d walk up our hill to our small community
In search of kids – but mostly they were already occupied
I liked going over to the remnants of old barn
The only thing left was a hill that led to the front doors
The doors were gone and some of the stone walls were still standing
But mostly it was overgrown
It was a quiet place
It had weeping willows trees – my favorites
And some pines that when the wind went through
They rustled their slight song

Silence is still my friend
It calms me and lets my mind wander
And sometimes I can go back to the old barn hill
And remember the whistling of pines
And the swaying of the weeping willow
Bringing with it a familiar safety
This helps me in my anxiety
This safe place I can go
I am a fortunate woman

I’ve needed them lately
as the world churns its hate and chaos
And I wonder how people can do this to others
to children, to the elderly
Whether you show me one man’s murder in graphic violence
Or show me the crushed bodies of children after a bomb
That Americans made drops on a damaged city far away
It’s not a shining example of our humanity
And it hurts my heart