I sense these strings
Attached to a raku-fired egg shape I own
Invisible, unknown to others
But I see them
And I feel them

I can remember how I felt when I first touched it
And held it in my hand
Or how it gave me hope or a transfer of power
To my middle heart

For others, it’s just a raku-fired egg shape
Sitting on my bookshelf
The red, purple and brilliant copper shine
Is pleasant to look at and hold

I see the red and violet ribbons wrapped
Around the middle of the egg
As it drew me to it
Reminding me of dreams, swords and dragons

And the love of a small boy dressed in his p.j.s
Waiting to hear me read stories
In the still of night
At the end of hard day

That egg lifts my heart
And it reminds me to face tomorrow
Armed with this memory as my shield.