I was standing in a line
at the grocery store
There were a lot of people waiting
In front of me was an elderly woman in a wheelchair
She told her companion
about when someone came in her room
with a rose and lighted candle
when she was young
She described the curtains
the placement of the furniture
She was just married
and it was her husband
for the next 50 years
without any special occasion
he would carry a rose and a lighted candle
into their room at night.
she sighed, lost in her thoughts
no one spoke
It was a lovely memory I thought
as I waited
I turned around the to look at the people
behind me in line
and they were rolling their eyes
as if listening to her speak was an imposition
on their time
Their snide little smiles and whispered words
behind their hands betrayed their ignorance

What’s wrong with people?