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What is this longing?
This mental anguish
At letting my books go
It bewilders me
And devils me all day

When I try to fill the
Donate boxes from my bookshelves
I don’t see right away the benefit
Of having someone else
Read the donated books
I enjoyed

I see a book who took me on a great journey
And let me leave my worries behind
Reading it on a winter day
Curled up in a big chair
With a warm cup of coffee
A warm hand-crocheted afghan
Around me
Entering a world I didn’t know

But maybe as it leaves me
I could envision another person
Going into my local library
To take that journey in their mind
And help them travel to a world
To leave their troubles behind
Even just for a moment in time

The memory is enough for me
In my last years
That the joy I experienced
Won’t really leave me
As long as I keep it
In my heart and mind.