After the botched visit on Friday to Radiology – I needed a panel of blood tests, a chest xray. EKG and a CT scan.  CT scans require that the surgical labs take place first – and with fasting – by the time they received the labs, it was too late to start the CT scan.  Nothing after 5 p.m.  I did the labs, the chest x-ray and the EKG.

So today, Monday, I go back in for the CT scan – sorry, no orders are on file.  When we cancelled the CT scan on Friday – the order goes away, never to return until the doctor issues another order…who knew that?  The doctor won’t be in the office until later.

So, we came home – called the doctor to get another order on file and ATE a danish and had a cup of coffee.

I was pinning a lot of hope on getting the CT scan.  Oh well,  I imagine this is the first of many stops and starts to this process.