The hospital called back and offered to do the CT scan.  the were in touch with the doctor.  Back to the hospital.  Shoveled large amounts of money across the table – and waited.  And waited.

Then, needle in the arm – a big thumping noise machine with me sliding back in and out – more thumping, weird sensations of the dye (did I pee my pants?  no, it just feels that way.)  Really nice technicians and nurses.  We were meeting the doctor for the results at 4 p.m. – so instead of going home again, we hung out at the mall.  Yes, Janice inside a mall.  So much has changed – I rushed to the Body Shop for some patchouli – they don’t sell it anymore…Geesh.  It was surreal sitting and watching people walk by and my mind is whirling – I have cancer.  I didn’t even go to Godiva’s for a sample – probably not allowed anymore.

We went over the doctor’s office.  He saw us and had the CT scan results.  No other tumors or spots on other organs – looks like the surgery is a go on August 9th.  Now for some chocolate ice cream.  At least now we know the radical approach has a good chance of working.

More tomorrow.