For the lightning speed at which this cancer approached me, waiting on test results, minutes of terror, all that has happened has immediately come to a crawl.

Doctor, hospital, check.  My surgery date is set for Wednesday, August 9 – I have my warriors ready to help us.  Two brave women who know me so well are going to be with me – and only true friends would hold your hair while you puke.  (I hope I don’t scare them away.)  Or even worse, telling me I have to get out of bed and move around (when the baby in me is huddled under the sheets.) Anyone who has ever tried to wake me up in the morning has seen that other Janice…shiver.  Don’t envy them.

The more promising news is that the CT scan showed no advances or traveling by the cancer – it is highly aggressive, but I hope we caught it in time.  My doctor was very much talking cure – he said if we had to have the “other” talk, we would, but not in this case right now.  So I’m gearing up, ready to get this thing out of me and recover.

And there better be chocolate ice cream somewhere in this battle.