The events of the last 13 days have left me rocked and drained.  As per my diagnosis of an aggressive endometrial cancer, plans and protocols were put into action by doctors, nurses, hospitals and family.

Within three days, I was scheduled for surgery – hysterectomy with lymph node removal – all by the state-of-the-art robotic surgery machine and Kaiser’s well-trained staff.  I am at home recovering (OUCH), learning to walk and using some really old cuss words and magic spells’

Results were in on the surgery.  Cancers are graded on aggressiveness and advance behavior.  My rare cancer (my doctor has seen only two cases) was at a 3 stage and the surgery revealed that the grade was 1B.  My lymph nodes for my uterus and my aorta were also removed and were classified as benign – no advance by the cancer into that body conduit.  It had not spread.  They were able to get the mass out contained.

Now, the hard part – getting chemo and radiation – to ensure it does not come back.  Right now, if I do nothing I am at 50-50 chance of it returning at some point.  With the added procedures, we bring that down to years of living to do.

I can’t tell you how rattled we have been these three weeks.  I never would have known except for the blood spotting.  From living my life to cancer diagnosis to surgery and every emotion a person can have in three weeks.  We are still in shock – happy shock, but still guarded – got to get through those two other procures and they will take place over the next four months.

Thank you to those of you who brought meals over for us – and to those who sent cards – thank you – they offer hope and to know that you are not alone is essential in healing.

More later – thanks to all who wrote an email or called.  It meant the world to me. Now, back to walking around the back yard to build up some strength.

(Did I mention OUCH???)