I went to see the Chemo doctor yesterday and he put up a couple of roadblocks.  Of course, he wanted to wait until I recovered surgery (yay).

But he also ordered an MRI and another CAT scan – they want to make sure you are well enough to get Chemo…let that sink in.  His view on my condition was different from the surgeon’s – I wasn’t expecting that, so it threw me some curves I was not expecting.

What the heck did I expect?  I have to realize different area specialists are going to look at this cancer in their own way – the data on this cancer is limited because it’s rare.  They plug it in the computer and those stats are not biased in my favor – but mine is different – Stage 1b is unheard of.  This cancer strikes the lungs – I had it in my uterus – so I’m joining the BE HERE NOW club.  Take the information, work with it and make decisions. (thanks Baba Dam Rass)

I have to wait on the scans for more data.  Appointments are being made.  On the plus side, I am feeling stronger and I actually tasted my food today.  Tasted!  I finally got some sleep yesterday – I can somewhat wriggle on my left side into bed and arrange the pillow (takes and incredible amount of energy just to do that) and wind up grasping to a pillow then falling asleep.

Hopefully, I can have more news when the scans are done.  Then we will see.