Phew!  What a painful ride.  Visited the nurse yesterday.  Her explanation made sense.

Shortly, the organs that used to be there helped the other organs know when to make decisions, esp. the bowels and bladder.  Now that those “helpers” are gone and the entire place is in trauma and pain, those little notices went unheeded.

The organs have to learn on their own how to let me know signals.  And as I said, the whole place hurts and complains.  Apparently, also there are also fluids that the lymph nodes used to figure out what to do with – and now the fluids need to be absorbed as best they can.  My body will figure it out.

Wish it would hurry up.  The nurse gave me some remedies that will help and I am up and about walking again.  Not as painful as before, but tolerable.

More than you ever wanted to know – but it helps me – putting it all into words and getting rid of my fear and anxiety.  I don’t want to become one of those people who constantly tell you how every little cell hurts in their body – life has so much more to offer.

Just like my walks in the early morning in our backyard.  Mike has made this place so beautiful with its cacti and trees – and the garden.  It gives me a sense of calm and take my mind away from its worries.  I speak to the cacti – no, they haven’t answered back, but watching them gives me a lot of strength.  Our Palo Verde trees has some more flowers and the big black bees visit each one.  I stand silently as they go about their business.  Our San Pablo cactus bloomed last week at night.  In the early morning, I was out walking and this big black bee crawled inside the large flower and literally rolled around in the pollen – head over tin cups, little feet in the air, the joy that the bee had been obvious.  She/he kept going inside and using it like a trampoline to get every last pollen dust.  It was amazing.  This is a picture of a previous blooming.  Hope to get the bee photos posted soon.  Love, Janice

cactus5 003