I was trying to get comfortable in my bed last night.  I was tossing and turning for about 45 minutes.  I prefer the room dark, but Mike likes it light – so I go to sleep first, then when he comes to bed, he turns the shutters open on the window below the foot of the bed.

My incisions on my right side are still healing and my right back is having some spasms.  I can maneuver myself with pillows and testily sleep until the pain starts back up and I need to turn over on my left side where I stay asleep.  Another 10-minute adjustment with pillow and neck support and I’m in for the night.

I was still awake when Mike came to bed and opened the shutter.  But at that moment the full moon was making its way across the sky, pouring its light through that window and onto me.  My first thought was, “Great, now I’ll never to get to sleep.”  The moon had other ideas – its light kept shining.  I turned over and decided to let it “shine” me to sleep.

There were clouds breaking in front and in back of it, but that time it was on me – it was a clear white light.  The clouds that were passing in front almost seemed to have colors.  I thought of past nights looking at the moon in Hawaii, in Rescue, and in New Mexico.

I never needed those moonbeams before – oh, I enjoyed the scenery, but last night, I enjoyed the moon shining for me for about three minutes before it moved out of my view – still sending out soft light.

I guess getting my mind off my discomfort worked, as I drifted asleep, calmed.  The moon went on her way to dazzle other people in the night.

Might just leave that window shutter open again…