It’s easier to walk – still have some aches and pains, but I’m ignoring them.  So, I walk in the morning when I get up and after breakfast.  I wait until around 2 p.m. and go out for some walking.  After the major pains were over, I thought, easy stuff coming up – oh yeah?  So I am ambling around the neighborhood.  I saved a worm today.  I saw it struggling on the hot pavement – so I gently put it back in the grass (my neighbor still has thick grass).  Then, I thought, what IF it wanted to escape the tall grass and had spent the last three hours going 6 inches to the pavement.

This is what you mind does when you’re in-between feeling awful and feeling better, but not quite yet there.  Obsess about things – going through the past moments of depression and joy, wondering if I can still paint – my muse has left – I guess I’ve been too centered on ME lately.  Oh, some of that is for a good reason, but it’s getting tiring.  Yes, I’m tired of being me – maybe I could be someone else for awhile?  Xena?  Dany Dragon Woman?  I need to find a good book.  I just finished number 2 book in a series only to find out that the 3rd is not due out until November of this year.  Ack!

Well, hopefully, I can find something interesting to write about soon.