I’ve been focused on getting an MRI after my healing from surgery.  I had one scheduled – and the doctor scheduled Chemo BEFORE that MRI.  I cancelled the Chemo, wanting more info that the MRI and CT Scan could provide.

The MRI was scheduled for Sunday, the 17th – well, when I went to confirm the appointment – I found out after several phone calls, the MRI I’ve been waiting for was somehow cancelled.  So, I now I find that I had nothing scheduled – not even the CT Scan.  We got on the horn to the doctor – who apologized and set new ones up.

OR so we thought…we did get an appointment for the CT scan for this coming weekend – but the scheduler can’t find the order for the MRI.

I wanted the scans before I decide to do Chemo or not.  I know the surgery, the chemo and radiation is the whole package for curing this cancer.  I want to know through the scans if there is anything else (like a cancer packing its bag and living somewhere else in my body) rearing its ugly head.  If the cancer is gone, then maybe I decide against chemo and live my life until/or if the cancer comes back.

Mike and I ran away today – to Placerville.  We went the long way – through the canyon (yes, both ways) – with my white-knuckling it – I was calmer riding on a motorcycle through the ups and downs.

The day was great – weather was perfect.  We forgot about stuff for awhile and laughed our way through the day.

Gotta take a nap now!!