My team – Mike and Joyce – brought me to the Chemo room.  Brr. It is cold in there – but heated blankets made the nurses my friends for life.  There are around 10-15 stations – mine had a big blue chair and a dizzying array of tubes, suspended bags and machines – lots of buttons.

I had two meds this first day – two bags to be drained into my veins – slowly – or so it seemed to me – one took an hour and the other took 45 minutes (oh, it’s shorter!! uh huh).  I found that I can’t sit still for three hours – guess nerves.

But the needle slid in my arm and the drips began.  Nothing.  Didn’t feel anything but ants crawling in my nerves like they have been doing all along.  I tried observing – watching the nurses as they went about their day.  One woman had the most beautiful paint job done on her hair – pinks, golds, blues, green – over her long black hair.  She had my favorite desk too – little toys and such.  And a decorated gourd.  Of course, her desk was only one I could see.

I kept a watch on the bag level – almost mentally pushing it out into my arm so I could leave faster.  I don’t like cold.  I brought a hat, a blanket and a scarf – they warned me it would be cold.

So the team and I went home.  Have to be back Thursday and Friday – 3 days on meds and 21 days off.  Had a good night’s sleep, but awoke with a little nausea.  But a little pill – they have a pill for everything – and a walk – I was feeling better.

I even had a light breakfast and lots of water.  I never was much of a water-drinker, but now I reach for an iced water like a lifeline.

So, I think I tolerated the first day rather well.  Be Here Now.  More later.