Another ride to Roseville, full of wonder and mystery – well wondering if I can make it through the cold room and the mystery?  would all this extra medicine make me feel in a way I don’t want to – like throwing up in front of the staff – or ON the staff.

Different room today, smaller number of chairs, but still a busy place.  All of us along on this journey in various stages.  But you know what, for the first time, my inclination to want to talk about it to people is put on hold.  There is real dignity in this room and with these staffers.  All against something that chose us.

I only had one med today, but it took an hour. Along with the saline drip, add another 20 minutes.  I was anxious again.  My pain in my leg was acting up again, making me twitchy.  Nothing happened.  Just waiting for the drip – and I was getting tired.  So when the buzzer shouted that the time was over, I was relieved.  One more day and then a 21 days off – and the side effects would show up.  so far, I am doing okay.

I came home and took a nap.  A nice long nap punctuated by trips to the bathroom (whoa, little too much info there!) – Facing tomorrow with reinforcements!  Surprise to be revealed tomorrow.

Sleep tight my friends – enjoy a look at the moon, sing your favorite song and get to your dreams.