One word:  fatigue.  I even slept under a heated blanket for most of the time while getting the medicine.  I imagine this is one of the side effects.  Body is trying to repair itself.  Sorry body, but you shouldn’t have let that cancer in.

My surprise team member, my sister, Donna, was here today to get me through.  It is so great to have her here – we can giggle – when I am not exhausted.  and everyone needs a giggles.

Mike’s been great, making sure I have my proper meds, the right food on time and just all around great guy – but you knew all that.  I heard from some people this week.  Scott Forrest sent me a photo of a cheese steak Mike and I ate when we were in Claymont, DE.  If that didn’t kick-start my appetite, nothing will!  Thanks for the thought.

short piece tonight still tired.  Sweet dreams everyone and don’t forget to find the moon and thank her.