Just kidding – for those of you still reading, I had a good weekend – getting stronger – having an appetite! – walking and I had some great visitors.

My friend, Gretchen, came up to visit.  We sat out on the patio in the breeze talking – it is amazing the small stuff that becomes most important in your life.  Gretchen is my goddess who typed my first term paper when I went back to college when I was 40.  Nervous as hell, hoping I could make the cut – I didn’t have a typewriter when my first paper became due.  Only one of the things she’s done for me over the years.  When Joe died, she stepped in and handled bank stuff, legal papers, etc.  She is a giving person and it felt good to be in her company again.

On sunday, David and Joyce came over – bringing food!!!  I’ve entered a phase when food does make a difference for energy and survival.  I seem to be tolerating the treatment pretty well – so now in between sessions, I need to build up my immune system.  And Joyce has been working on recipes that taste good and with good stuff in them – you start missing all your favorites, like sweets and breads – and chemo changes how you taste too.  So Joyce came up with some really excellent pumpkin breads and apple muffins.  We are working on getting a schedule going for dinners too.

I made a card for Uncle Ed too.  Today I am going to a meeting about palliative care.  Just to see what options are there when and if I need them.  Doing pretty good right now – as long as I stay in the Be Here Now range.  Good advice no matter what.

Through it all of it is my sister, making tea, patting me on the head and giggling about absolutely nothing – exactly what I need when I need it.