I’ve been doing some traveling – we went to IKEA, had wonderful Swedish meatballs, great “stuff” (yes, I do need that sheepskin rug…Winter is Coming), to the Sacramento Food Co-op, to the Lincoln Beerman Plaza to see murals and finally to the Sunshine Deli and the Folsom Sanctuary Zoo.  Phew!  I slept all day yesterday – we spread those visits over a week and I still was tired.  But that is ok – that are what beds are for – nice restful sleep.

Go to the Sacramento Co-op – prices are a bit scary for those of us not members, but it’s better than Whole Foods for selection of good healthy foods.  We bought some non-gluten bread and some non-dairy ice cream (yes, there is Coconut Milk Chocolate in my fridge).

Not so fun?  I woke up to losing my hair – strands and strands until they formed a nice little bird’s nest.  (no, I am not putting that out there in the tress).  I never liked my hair – my sister and brothers’ hair is jet black and thick – mine, brown and thin – never really liked it until I grew it long in the 60s – just pull it back and wear a hat.  When Joe died, I was in menopause and the stress made it thinner and thinner.

I was always embarrassed by my hair – it’s getting back at me through the cancer drugs.  Being it wasn’t falling out, I was hoping I’d be “saved” but sadly no.  Bring on the hats – knit hats, Amish straw hats, apache bands – or maybe I should shave it with a big C on the side and back.  I have wigs also – they are hot in the summer, but Winter is Coming.  What I don’t like about them is that they are wonderfully thick, brilliant color – youthful bounce and then there is this face – 71+- drying out and wrinkled – I earned every one, so I am not complaining – just sad that an era is passing.  Some people say it grows back – in what kind of time frame?  oh, bother – does it matter?  I have my hats.