Just got the blood results back – my white blood cell count is to 6.0 – up from 2.9 (good threshold is 3.5).  The shots worked to raise my blood count.  Now I can have chemo – yes, I can have chemo – poison running through me killing all the new cells – cancer and other ones too – so that’s a good thing?  It is really.

Oh, I am back to the chemo sessions and more shot sessions because you know the blood count will go down when the chemo starts battling it.  So it’s kinda a wow-great-the-shots-worked, so I can do chemo.  My body is going to be so confused.

But hopefully this round (three days in a row for chemo and four days in a row with the shots) will go smoothly.  The last round was tolerable – I was tired mostly and achy.  Whatever it is – it will be.  It won’t define me.