We had plans – go to Davis, see an art exhibit, go to the Davis Co-op and eat out at IKEA.  After my first chemo, I ate there and I was famished.  Not a real fan of meatballs – I became one in a hurry – mashed potatoes, veggies, organic meatballs – hey!  So this time I wanted to go back as a treat and to test if I still was enamored of the plate.

We look up when the exhibit opened – got to Davis – found the Hart Hall – door locked.  Well, we were a little early, so Mike pushed me all over the campus while Donna explored the wild flora and fauna (ok, she likes to collect leaves and rocks).  It was chilly, but the sun was warm.  I was having a great time – We then go back to check on the exhibit – still not open – well past the time posted.  Then we look at the door – Sunday, open at 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.  It was 1 o’clock.  Wires were crossed somewhere.

I decided not to be outside for another hour, so we left for IKEA.  Have you seen IKEA on a Sunday?  Wow – people are buying up stuff like it’s Armageddon.  While we ate, the escalator was full bringing people up.  Oh, BTW, I still love the Swedish meatball plate – I had to turn in my vegetarian card.

By the time we finished – we just had to go shopping for all the little IKEA stuff we love – boxes that fold out, stainless steel bowls, frames, a garlic press – maybe we caught the Armageddon fever.  By that time (4:30 p.m.), I was exhausted.

We went home and we all slept.  I was in my nice warm heated blanket, at peace with the memories of a nice day outside and inside.  Helped calmed my nerves. And yes, there is my BALD head…

Some pics:


Who stole my wig?


what is so freakin’ funny?DSCN4094