Just wasn’t in the cards – mostly slept during the day – we waffled (no food pun intended – although they would have tasted good) about the menu – last-minute we changed it.  It was the three of us. None of us in  a holiday mood. Wait, Mike was in a holiday mood until I woke up.

But I have more important things to do now – which means concentrating on getting better and taking care of an ailing body.  I had to stay away from Donna – she was sick after the holiday.  On Friday,  I had visitors – lovely wonderful Ani (she had a baby mask) and Roxy(she had a Minnie Mouse mask)- but they had to wear masks and I wore my mask and Donna was in her room.  She didn’t get to meet them.  It was a fun short visit and thank goodness, Donna is getting better now.

Back at Chemo today and tomorrow and the next day.  We had delayed – and that delay gave my body a little breather – but now I remember the fatigue it gives you.  I am tired – I wanted to get all excited about Xmas, but I can’t quite yet.  My cousin’s sister-in-law posts on Facebook – she’s baking and baking, making wreaths, doing crafts – seems as if she never sleeps  oh, did I mention she’s a potter, and archer and a police officer?  And she just moved???  I used to be that woman only maybe not the baking, the archery, or the police officer career…wait – No, I wasn’t that woman – just busy making all my Xmas presents, shopping, having the god-daughter’s party and decorating.

My “tree” is calling to me, but I have the pillow over my head.  Last year, upon some motivation, I downsized to a pencil tree – very thin.  But then again – motivation is lacking.  Maybe the tree will make it up or maybe not.

Meanwhile – more chemo tomorrow.