This round is making me feel a little sick in the stomach.  Wait, there are pills for that – and I am taking them.  Nothing major, just something new.

My right hand was used today, so I couldn’t draw.  So, out came the Kindle and after Mike got me connected, I was listening to music.  One cannot sit still listening to Santana, so I was giving into the music – toes a tapping’, head bobbing, hand gestures and I look up and two other women getting chemo were smiling and laughing at me – well, I guess I should say, laughing with me.  I wanted to turn the speakers on for everyone.  “Make it real or forget about it!” (Santana).

Could not sleep last night – around 4 a.m., I finally conked out.  I was coughing because of my asthma and that didn’t help.  So I slept in late and will go to bed early – Day 3 FINAL DAY of Chemo tomorrow.  I should get a prize – oh wait – I have four more days of shots to build up my white blood cells, THEN it’s over – MAYBE.  These next weeks are going to drive me nuts waiting for the scan to tell me if the chemo got rid of the cancer.  If it did – hurray, but my brain keeps going to the other answer I might get.  It’s not all gone – then what?  Haven’t heard yet what that game plan is, but I will tell you – this is not living doing chemo and getting shots and being scared half to death all the time.  I don’t see how people manage chronic illnesses.  I am not that brave.

I swear – why did they cut my bangs so short?  And is that a dress???  a dress?  How dare they.