Just not feeling better – complications from my medicines – and it’s back to chemo tomorrow.  and that means I need blood taken today.  Hope it is up to chemo standards – I don’t want to wait to get better.  One more round of chemo and some infusions for my bones stand on the horizon.  Haven’t made up my mind about the infusions, but I am doing the chemo as an extra insurance against the cancer coming back.

Then maybe I can get my hair back – well, it’s fuzz right now – but one more round of chemo will take care of that growth.  Then it’s on to living my life.  Being sick has changed my taste buds – food does not taste the same – can’t get the satisfaction I used to get by eating.  And the pills don’t make it easier, either.  Enough about the big C.

I want to thank ALL of you who made my holiday feel more merry.  I received a lot of cards AND some presents – knowing just what I like – friends gave me art supplies!!  I also indulged in some handmade holiday cookies – thanks, Marci!  Mike gave a display case from IKEA that I had my eye on – it looks great in the dining room.

I thank everyone got making this holiday bearable.  I’ll be working on getting my “mojo” back this year – art, music – and giving back to the people who helped me and to people who are not as fortunate as I am.  and believe me, I know how lucky I am.