Going to get my blood drawn today for chemo Wed., Thursday and Friday – let’s all hope I am healthy enough to be poisoned.  I guess they would postpone again if the numbers are not right.  Maybe not?  Oh well, just go and get the blood drawn and not jump to scenarios that have not happened yet.  Been doing that a lot lately.

It only took me weeks to get some thank you cards made – still four more to go.  I had a great holiday with cards and PRESENTS!  I even got some art supplies. Yea! I should also take the tree down today.  I enjoyed having one this year – having my sister here meant all the difference.  She has enough positive energy for the both of us – thank goodness.

I’ve been working on getting my strength up – been taking some walks – eating more fruit and eating on a schedule, so I don’t forget.  Last night, I even had a hankering for chips and salsa – I have not been snacking at all – it’s all I can do is to get regular food down – and good food.  I want a sugary drink so bad, I can taste it.  I hate commercials for sodas…my mouth waters and I look at my ice water and grumble.  But then I remember water is life – Native Americans are protecting and being arrested to save their water.  Navajo reservations have no access to clean water – they rely on a water truck a woman drives over to the rez.  I think of Flint – and the people there cannot go to the tap and get clean water – they get poison.  So I sigh, and drink down that cold clear water that gives life to my body and I feel better.  Damn my soda obsession.

I grew up drinking Coke.  My uncles owned a gas station and we got cases at cost.  When I grew up, I continued the habit – it would not be unusual for me have a couple of Cokes in the morning at work, at lunch, at break and then some at home.  You are probably shaking your head thinking how dumb could I be.  It was just something I grabbed – didn’t think much about it. Soda instead of water or fruit drinks.  Fruit drinks are full of sugar too.  it is truly mind-boggling to see how much sugar is in everything – bread, baked beans, cereal etc.  I found some cheerio-like cereal at Trader Joe’s that’s low in sugar, so is Kashi Autumn Wheat – but you have to read labels – my new hobby and my biggest disappointment when I learn how many grams of sugar I see on the label.

Oh well, off to get some like-cheerios.  Wish me luck today.  I want this round of chemo OVER.